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International Financial Recruitment Ltd.

International Financial Recruitment Ltd. specializes in recruiting qualified accountants from
around the world to work in the world’s major business centers with Big 10 Accounting firms,
Fortune 500 companies and upcoming industry leaders. We are operated solely by Chartered
Accountants who have lived and worked in international destinations in both Big 4 Accounting
firms and Industry so we truly understand your needs which promotes an effective and
efficient hiring process.

We also have a sister company
The Bermuda Cayman Recruitment Service Limited which
specializes in recruiting accountants from around the world to work in Bermuda, the Cayman
Islands, Bahamas, BVI and elsewhere in the Caribbean.  If you are interested in one of these
locations please feel free to contact us through this site or our sister site

For more detail about our services please see the '
About Us' page.

Looking for a new job?
Have you been thinking about moving to a new job locally or perhaps making an international

Are you an accountant holding an international accounting designation (CA, CPA, ACA, ACCA,

If so, we can help you every step of the way to take your career to the next level!

Our services are
FREE to the job seeker!  

If you would like to fill out an online application or just inquire about further information, please
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Below are examples of some locations you could work in!

Benefits to Making an International Move

Excellent Career Progression - in today’s global economy international work experience will
strengthen your position for a future management or senior management role – we cannot
stress this point enough!

Broaden Your Knowledge Base - gaining exposure to multinational companies, different
accounting standards (ex. US GAAP, Canadian GAAP, UK GAAP, IFRS) and regulatory rules will
broaden your knowledge; operating in a different culture will open your eyes to new ways of
doing business.

Professional Development - you will be given the opportunity to not only build upon what you
have learned in the past, but also grow your leadership skills in a stimulating and dynamic
work environment.

Networking - the world is becoming a smaller place to do business so the contacts you make
while working abroad will bring value to your future experiences.

Our Clients
Our client base includes Big Ten accounting firms, Fortune 500 companies, fund managers,
captive insurance managers, insurance companies, international financial institutions, retail
and manufacturing from all around the world.
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Channel Islands (Guernsey, Jersey)
British Virgin Islands (BVI)
Isle of Man
New Zealand
Cayman Islands